Why choose Kamut breadsticks


One of the most popular variant of breadstick is the delicious and more healthly Kamut breadsticks. Thanks to its nutritional values Kamut breadsticks represents  one of the perfect and quickly snack for each moment of the day. But why choose Kamut breadstick indeed of one e more usual breadstick? Let’s see its main  features.

Kamut breadsticks

Italian cousine is rich of classic starter and in particular is a cousine rich of bread and soup starter. The bread itself can be burns, dinner rolls or the fancier breadsticks. There are a lot of kind of breadsticks and one of them is Kamut breadsticks. The grain of Kamut has a great taste and a particular fragrance that make breadstick an healthly and light snack. Kamut flour is a good source of protein and dietary fiberv that contains some gluten. Kamut, the commercial name for Khorasan wheat, is an ancient variety of durum, with a grain twice the size of modern-day wheat. But the main characteristic of Kamut grain is its nutritional value. It is high in minerals, especially selenium, and it has a very high protein content. It can be considered a perfect alternative to wheat for those who have wheat allergy or intollerance. For this reason Kamut grain is a perfect choice for each kind of diet.

Kamut grain in the Piavettini breadsticks

In our pocess of production, breadsticks are baked after a process of leaving the dough to rise slowly. Thanks to high quality of extra virgin oil we give to Kamut Grissini their lovely color, its inimitable taste and a healthly and light quality in each kind of nutrition. After the process of leaving the yeast to rise slowly, Piavettini breadsticks are baked to perfection. In this way we obtain a golden yellow color with  lovely scent of bread crust and a sweet taste brought out by the extra virgin olive oil. Kamut breadsticks texture is light and crumbly and you can serve it with both sweet and salty accompaniments.

Perfect appetizer: breadsticks and cold cuts


Breadsticks and cold cuts represent an easy and quick appetizer to offer in each meal of the day with your family or your friends. They are very tasty and easy to prepare and you only need a few minutes of the day. Here you can find the fastest and most practical recipe of breadsticks and cold cuts.

What do you need to prepare them

To prepare your practical and fast appetizer of breadsticks and cold cuts you only need a few ingredients. Here there are the ingredients that you’ll need to prepare them for 2 people.

  • 6 slices of the cold cuts of your choice (smoked or cooked ham, smoked turkey breast, mock chicken)
  • Cream cheese, whipped and flavoured (with chives, sriracha, etc.)
  • Mini bread sticks

Once you bought them, you can start with their preparation, you’ll only need 10 minutes of your time.

Recipe of breadsticks and cold cuts

In the first step you’ll need a knife to spread the fresh cream on 2/3 of the breadstick. Brush them with a thin layer of cream cheese. In a second time wrap the slice of cold cuts (smoked or cooked ham, smoked turkey breast, mock chicken) on the part of the breadstick where you spread the cheese.  Secure them with a dap of cream cheese. Leave to rest for about 10 minutes in the refrigerator to make it compact. Only after these steps you can serve your appetizer about breadsticks and cold cuts.

If you prefer, you can use other types of soft cheeses such as Philadelphia, Certosa and so on.

In this way you have prepared a quick appetizer that can accompany every kind of dish. So, enjoy you healthy and light snack with your friends or with your family.

How to combine breadsticks for an elegant dinner


Do you need a quick and healthly snack for your break or your dinner? The best solution for your relaxing break or for one elegant dinner is to taste some crunchy and light breadsticks. But how to combine breadsticks for an elegant dinner? Here you can find the right solution.

Breadsticks for dinner

Who is that you do not like eating breadsticks? They can be consumed on their own as a light and quick snack to take one break during your job, or during an elegant dinner. To arrange a perfect aperitif before the dinner, breadsticks represent the best solution.  In this case you need to do the right choosing of breadsticks and the other ingredients to make the aperitif unique. There are several kind of breadsticks: garlic breadsticks, cauliflower breadstick,breadstick with cheese and onions, breadsticks of puff pastry  and so on. Than in addition to breadsticks to prepare a good aperitif, you must also buy other foods such as chips, soft drinks or sandwiches.  In this way you will prepare a perfect aperitif or a light and elegant dinner.

How to combine breadsticks

Breadsticks can be placed alongside a nice plate of raw ham. If you prefer you can also add some ingredients like melon, chips or some vegetable like the pinzimonio that concerns fresh vegetables like carot, celery, or artichokes dipped in a sauce made with olive oil, salt, pepper and optionally vinegar.  They can be also served with some special sauces like cocktail or spicy sauce. They can be also served on a tray or if you decide to buy one-on-one grinders, just leave them on the table inside a small wicker basket, so the guests can choose the grissini according to their taste.

At the end of the dinner you could even taste them togheter with some cream such as Nutella, Almond Cream, Pistachio Cream, Lemon Cream, Coffee Cream, Chestnut Cream. This is the perfect way to terminate a perfect dinner with the right and final dessert.

Top 5 breadstick topping ideas


For our quick and light snack we can have several kind of breadsticks and a large variety of combinations thanks to delicious and several toppings. Here you can find a lot of ideas about breadstick toppings to enjoy your best break.

Breadstick topping

For a light and fast snack during your day, here there is a selection of summer sauces to accompany our breadsticks and not only. You can use these breadstick toppings even for bread made croutons or our crackers and so on. Delicious and yummy, these toppings represent the best to consume with our breadsticks.

One of the best topping that we suggest for our breadsticks is the guacamole sauce. Guacamole is a summer sauce that is can be prepared in a very short time, but at the same time we must be careful about the dosage of ingredients used to prepare it. The right amount of ingredients are the following: 1 ripe avocado 1 coppered tomato 1 green pepper 10 g of lime juice 20 g of extra-virgin olive oil 10 g shallots salt and pepper. For this sauce we suggest a bergamot breadstick.

Breadstick topping ideas

Another   most common topping for breadsticks in the world is the Marinara Sauce. It’s quick and easy to prepare and you’ll need only 5 pantry ingredients to make it and it’s perfect for breadsticks and mozzarella sticks.

Other delicious breadstick topping is theTzatziki sauce. It is fresh and quick. This sauces is used for season vegetables or grilled meats.

To continue our selection we suggest the dried tomatoes sauces. It is made by dried tomatoes in lukewarm water for few hours and blended with extra virgin oil. It has great aroma and chunky consistency.

Ant the last but not the least we suggest as a breadsticks topping a Liguria garlic pesto. It is perfect with boiled potatoes, you can also add olive oil and grated cheese to give it a greater flavour.

Torino italian breadsticks: the origins

Grissini e prodotti biologici

Grissini, or crispy italian breadsticks, date their origin around 1670 when a local baker from Turin made them for the young duke of Savoy Vittorio Amedeo II who was sick. In this article you can find the true story about the Torino italian breadsticks origin.

The origin of Torino italian breadsticks

Italian breadsticks, known as Grissini, originated in Torino (Piemonte region) in the northwest Italy. They were invnted around the end of the 17th Century for the specific porpouse, of healing young Duke Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy. The duke, had actually some digestion difficulties, especially for the bread. For this reason his doctor, Don Baldo di Lanzo,  recommended that the weak child should eat something easy to digest food, hoping to simulate his flagging appetite. So, in a second time the duke and the doctor commissed a baker Antonio Brunero, to create something that the young duke could digest.

The Baker Brunero decided to take a part of the dough used to make  ghersa ( a tipical Turin bread) and stratch it out into long and thin strips. Once baked, the thin breadsticks were so crisp and easy to digest that the product became a clear succes for the baker and the all court too. This creation had a massive success and entered the daily life of the Torinesi and in the second moment also of all Italy.

An alternate explanation of Torino italian breadsticks origin

The previous explanation about the origin of italian Grissin is the most popular and the most accepted in Italy. But there is a second one! In this case it is belived that the origin of grissini was about the possiblility to avoid the spread of an epidemy. In fact, according to some, Vittorio Amedeo’s father, Carlo Emanuele II asked bakers to make a more hygienic bread and Brunero created these sticks which are less likely to get moldy and spoil because they contain less moisture than loaves and rolls. This is another possible origin of the Turin Grissini.

The difference between breadstick and crackers


Breadsticks and crackers are two of the best solution for each break of our day. Healthy and light both products are the perfect snack for each occasion during the day. But what are the difference between breadstick and crackers? Let see togheter!

Bread variations

The bread is a typical Italian product and it is never missing on a table of every Italian person. But what are the alternatives to the usual bread? Well… breadsticks and crackers are two important variants of the bread. As all we know, only in Italy there are really a lot of ifferent kind of bread. At the same time, day by day, new and delicious variants of breadsticks and crackers are borning too. We can find tasty crackers, cracked slices, crisps, rusks or breadsticks, all available in different flavors, with different flours and oils.

They are also available in a variety of hygienic practices, smaller and smaller then classic grissini, but at the same time more confortable to bring thrm with you. But what are the difference between breadstick and crackers? Here they are!

The difference between breadsticks and crackers

Well, one of the difference between the two product is without doubt their shape. are long and finger-shaped, while crackers are flat and divisible  But the most important difference between them is the presence of animal or vegetable fats as we can have sometime some difference differences concerning the presence of lard, olive oil, hydrogenated fats or other types. What does it mean? It means that for 100gr of breadsticks amount to 433 Kcal while 100gr of cracker to 502  Kcal.

Another important difference between the two product is the presence of salt. Crackers can contain more quantity of salt than a normal breadstick. So it is more delicious but at the same time less healtly than breadstick.

Two good snacks with a lot of significant differences!

Whole wheat breadsticks for breakfast

palitos de pan Torino

Breadsticks are often made with herbs and topped with course salt. in this page you can find a little article about 100% whole wheat breadsticks for breakfast, lunch, dinner and and every meal or break of the day.

Whole wheat breadsticks

Breadsticks are a wonderful meal for you breakfast. Healthys and delicious they can help you to start the day in the best way. They can be also a wonderful addition to the starter spread. The best part is, you can have them on the table in under 90 minutes, with just about 10 minutes of actual “hands-on” time.

The process is quite easy to make tasty and crunchy whole wheat breadsticks for breakfast or any other meal during the day. There is not yeast or particular chemical product and once the whole wheat breadsticks are baked, you need only to cool them and store them in an airtight container, to enjoy whenever you wish, with a bowl of soup or your favorite dip. We suggest to eat them with marinara sauce (as they are in restaurants), or dipped in your favorite flavored olive oil.

Wheat breadsticks made with whole grain

One of the best way to make the perfect wheat breadsticks is using the whole grain from a whole wheat flour blend (that is 52% ), best served when hearth baked in elongated shape, so it will create a crispy crust of your whole wheat breadsticks and a soft texture inside. They are hearty and delicious with just the right touch of sugar and the goodness of whole grain. They are so versatile that you can use them at breakfast, lunch, dinner or like a snack during different occasions during the day.

Cook them is so easy. Now the only thing to do is enjoy them.



Why breadsticks no yeast are easier to digest

palitos de masa

When we talk about Italian food, we talk about  lifestyle, the culture and more often we talk about traditions. A table full of friends and family, a delicious meals and happiness in the air. This is the best ways for Italian people to stay all togheter.

Also for this reason, few century ago, the breadsticks no yeast were born. Let’s see what they are!

Breadsticks no yeast

The story tells us that the first breadsticks no yeast was born in 1679 in the Piemonte region. The king Carlo Felice had a son with some health problem. He could not digest the crumbs of the bread and the king for this reason, asked to his baker to invent a similar bread product but at the same time easier to digest.

Baker’s work was very difficult but he finally was able to produce the first breadsticks no yeast. A product similar to a salty and crisp biscuits without crumbs of bread. The king  and his court notably appreciated the final product .From that time up to now it has become a basic food product for our aperitifs or for our main daily meals .

But why breadsticks no yeast are easier to digest?

The breadsticks no yeast belong to category “ bread substitutes” and a lot of them contain a low level of grease.  Most of them contain only extra virgin oil or the lard. These are the best ingredients for each kind of breadsticks and help us to digest them in a simple and fast way.

But the main reason for which breadsticks no yeast are easier to digest depends on starch inside the flour. In fact, the process of cooking modifies the starch in this flour and makes it to easy to digest. In this way we can digest easier our breadsticks and at the same time, the same process of digestion lasts less than a normal breadsticks digestion.

Recipe of the month: cauliflower breadsticks

consumo di carboidrati

Recipe of the month: cauliflower breadsticks

Are you looking for the right recipe for your cauliflower breadsticks? In this article you can find what do you need.

Cauliflower breadsticks

If you can’t eat bread because of allergies, diabetes or a low carb diet, cauliflower breadsticks are the best product that you need. In fact there aren’t a lot of carbs and you can do so much with it! The cauliflower breadsticks could be your new savoury addition to your low carb diet. They have are so fresh, garlicky and cheesy, just like a garlic bread smothered in a layer of mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

There are a lot host of recipes about them. Here you can find the easiest one.

Cauliflower breadsticks recipe

Well, here we are! What do you need exactly to create your favorite breadsticks?

The ingredients that you need are:

  • 1 head cauliflower raw
  • 1/2 cup Mozzarella Cheese shredded
  • 1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese shaved
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/2 tablespoon garlic minced
  • 1/2 tablespoon fresh basil chopped
  • 1/2 tablespoon fresh Italian flat-leaf parsley chopped
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 3/4 cup Mozzarella Cheese shredded

Here the full instruction to bake them.

Preheat the oven to 450°F and line a baking sheet with silicone baking mat. In a second time rice the cauliflower by coring it and breaking into florets. Then place it in the bowl of a food processor and pulse until it’s the texture of rice.

In a large bowl mix the different ingredients (but the 3/4 cup Mozzarella Cheese shredded). Place the mixture onto the lined baking sheet .

Finally bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes. Remove from oven and top with 3/4 cup shredded  Mozzarella Cheese and return to oven to continue baking until the cheese is melted and starting to brown. Cool about 10 minutes and cut into breadsticks.

Enjoy your meal.

Mini breadsticks for children’s snacks

Grissini monoporzione sul blog di Piavettini.com

Mini breadsticks for children’s snacks

Mini breadsticks for children’s snacks are the simplest and fastest meal for the break of your children. Pocket-size and delicious they are the perfect meal for every moment of the day for every kid in the world.

The pocket-size and crucial snack for children

Every one of us knows that childhood is a period of life where it’s very important to be careful about nutrition especially the quality of products for a kid’s diet. It is important to them eat natural and healthy product and it is also important for them practice some sport activities. For this second option we have a wide variety of sports: football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, jogging and so on. But what about the food for your children?

Well, concerning this, it is preferable to buy organic food that has not been given chemical treatment or genetic manipulation. And thanks to this believe the Mini breadsticks for children’s snacks are born for a healthy an nutritious snack for your children.

Mini breadsticks for children’s snake

These mini breadsticks for children’s snacks are a great snacks for your children to consume both on their own and to combine with other dishes. At school or in any other break of the day of your children the mini breadsticks for children’s snacks represent the right food product for each time of the day. They are organic, tasty and healthy snacks  because they are not genetically modified and retain their true taste. These can be combined with what you like the most: salami, ham, cheeses and also with creamy spreads. Thanks to their shorter and wider shape they can be supplied in a mini single-packs that you can take with you everywhere. In this way we have solved the problem of the breadcrumps that often crumble into the folders that children bring to school.


For each kind of children’s snacks, try the new and pocket-size mini breadsticks by Piavettini!

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