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Why choose Kamut breadsticks


One of the most popular variant of breadstick is the delicious and more healthly Kamut breadsticks. Thanks to its nutritional values Kamut breadsticks represents  one of the perfect and quickly snack for each moment of the day. But why choose Kamut breadstick indeed of one e more usual breadstick? Let’s see its main  features.

Kamut breadsticks

Italian cousine is rich of classic starter and in particular is a cousine rich of bread and soup starter. The bread itself can be burns, dinner rolls or the fancier breadsticks. There are a lot of kind of breadsticks and one of them is Kamut breadsticks. The grain of Kamut has a great taste and a particular fragrance that make breadstick an healthly and light snack. Kamut flour is a good source of protein and dietary fiberv that contains some gluten. Kamut, the commercial name for Khorasan wheat, is an ancient variety of durum, with a grain twice the size of modern-day wheat. But the main characteristic of Kamut grain is its nutritional value. It is high in minerals, especially selenium, and it has a very high protein content. It can be considered a perfect alternative to wheat for those who have wheat allergy or intollerance. For this reason Kamut grain is a perfect choice for each kind of diet.

Kamut grain in the Piavettini breadsticks

In our pocess of production, breadsticks are baked after a process of leaving the dough to rise slowly. Thanks to high quality of extra virgin oil we give to Kamut Grissini their lovely color, its inimitable taste and a healthly and light quality in each kind of nutrition. After the process of leaving the yeast to rise slowly, Piavettini breadsticks are baked to perfection. In this way we obtain a golden yellow color with  lovely scent of bread crust and a sweet taste brought out by the extra virgin olive oil. Kamut breadsticks texture is light and crumbly and you can serve it with both sweet and salty accompaniments.

Perfect appetizer: breadsticks and cold cuts


Breadsticks and cold cuts represent an easy and quick appetizer to offer in each meal of the day with your family or your friends. They are very tasty and easy to prepare and you only need a few minutes of the day. Here you can find the fastest and most practical recipe of breadsticks and cold cuts.

What do you need to prepare them

To prepare your practical and fast appetizer of breadsticks and cold cuts you only need a few ingredients. Here there are the ingredients that you’ll need to prepare them for 2 people.

  • 6 slices of the cold cuts of your choice (smoked or cooked ham, smoked turkey breast, mock chicken)
  • Cream cheese, whipped and flavoured (with chives, sriracha, etc.)
  • Mini bread sticks

Once you bought them, you can start with their preparation, you’ll only need 10 minutes of your time.

Recipe of breadsticks and cold cuts

In the first step you’ll need a knife to spread the fresh cream on 2/3 of the breadstick. Brush them with a thin layer of cream cheese. In a second time wrap the slice of cold cuts (smoked or cooked ham, smoked turkey breast, mock chicken) on the part of the breadstick where you spread the cheese.  Secure them with a dap of cream cheese. Leave to rest for about 10 minutes in the refrigerator to make it compact. Only after these steps you can serve your appetizer about breadsticks and cold cuts.

If you prefer, you can use other types of soft cheeses such as Philadelphia, Certosa and so on.

In this way you have prepared a quick appetizer that can accompany every kind of dish. So, enjoy you healthy and light snack with your friends or with your family.

How to combine breadsticks for an elegant dinner


Do you need a quick and healthly snack for your break or your dinner? The best solution for your relaxing break or for one elegant dinner is to taste some crunchy and light breadsticks. But how to combine breadsticks for an elegant dinner? Here you can find the right solution.

Breadsticks for dinner

Who is that you do not like eating breadsticks? They can be consumed on their own as a light and quick snack to take one break during your job, or during an elegant dinner. To arrange a perfect aperitif before the dinner, breadsticks represent the best solution.  In this case you need to do the right choosing of breadsticks and the other ingredients to make the aperitif unique. There are several kind of breadsticks: garlic breadsticks, cauliflower breadstick,breadstick with cheese and onions, breadsticks of puff pastry  and so on. Than in addition to breadsticks to prepare a good aperitif, you must also buy other foods such as chips, soft drinks or sandwiches.  In this way you will prepare a perfect aperitif or a light and elegant dinner.

How to combine breadsticks

Breadsticks can be placed alongside a nice plate of raw ham. If you prefer you can also add some ingredients like melon, chips or some vegetable like the pinzimonio that concerns fresh vegetables like carot, celery, or artichokes dipped in a sauce made with olive oil, salt, pepper and optionally vinegar.  They can be also served with some special sauces like cocktail or spicy sauce. They can be also served on a tray or if you decide to buy one-on-one grinders, just leave them on the table inside a small wicker basket, so the guests can choose the grissini according to their taste.

At the end of the dinner you could even taste them togheter with some cream such as Nutella, Almond Cream, Pistachio Cream, Lemon Cream, Coffee Cream, Chestnut Cream. This is the perfect way to terminate a perfect dinner with the right and final dessert.

Appetizers for appetizers: breadsticks and other ingredients of the perfect aperitif


How to organize a perfect aperitif, and which grissini to choose?

To arrange a perfect aperitif you will need some little tricks, such as choosing the right breadsticks and the other ingredients to make the aperitif unique. Regarding the choice of grissini you will first have to know about any allergies or intolerances of the guests so as to avoid unpleasant situations. By doing this you will be able to get ready to buy the breadsticks. It is advisable to purchase breadsticks of various kinds, so that the choice of guests varies. Let’s see how to use these snacks to prepare an apple with flakes.

What are the other ingredients that can be combined with breadsticks?

In addition to breadsticks to prepare a good aperitif, you must also buy other foods such as soft drinks, chips, and some sandwiches that will be stuffed shortly before the guests arrive, so that they do not get too dry. The breadsticks can be placed alongside a nice plate of raw ham or served with some special sauces, such as Cocktail or Spicy Sauce. So surely the aperitif will leave all guests with their mouth open.

How to serve breadsticks during aperitifs?

The breadcrumbs can be served on a tray or if you decide to buy one-on-one grinders, just leave them on the table inside a small wicker basket, so the guests can choose the grissini according to their taste, then enjoy it Alone or accompanied by a slice of raw ham or some type of sauce. As for the layout of other foods, such as chips, just place them on a tray with underneath decorative paper or simply colored napkins that will absorb part of the oil that is usually present on chips or other snacks.

Salty snack sale: The tradition of the product meets the innovation of online sales

Grissini e prodotti biologici

Salty snacks: a success story

Salty snacks are among the most famous and appreciated bakery products. They have a very long tradition that is dispersed in history and every country in the world has developed its recipes and variations that in many centuries have remained in many cases unchanged. The success of these bakery products is due to its ease of production, to the convenience of transport, but also to the undeniable goodness. The sale of these products has always been linked to rather traditional contexts such as bakeries or food stores, but salted snacks have also recently conquered the web with the emergence of ecommerce for online sale.

Tradition and future in the sale of salty snacks

The online sale of salty snacks is the perfect example of fusion of tradition and innovation. Today, thanks to the Internet, these genuine products, often difficult to find in some areas of Italy, are all within reach of all who with a simple click can order to receive their favorite snacks at home. In this way it is more to say that tradition has actually come into everyone’s homes. In fact, with the online sale of salty snacks, everyone has the opportunity to eat these genuine products that until recently were found only in the baker’s shops and often did not reach the great distribution.

Online sale of savory snacks, the taste of tradition with a click

An ecommerce of salty snacks represents a great opportunity to eat healthy foods without wasting time spin on stores hoping to find the right product. Just sit down on your computer or use any mobile device to order salty snacks and conveniently pick them up at home using an express courier.

Sell grissini with sesame: the detail that makes the breadsticks more tasty

palitos Made in Italy

Sesame Breadsticks

Sesame breadcrumbs are very tasty snacks that can be consumed at any time of the day, accompanied by cold meats and high edges. But how come sesame seeds are used a lot on bakery products and also on other foods? Simple, sesame seeds are an excellent source of nutrients, but they are also used because in this way the food is more tasty. Below we will go to see what are the properties of sesame seeds.

The properties of sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are harvested from sesame a herbaceous plant whose scientific name is Sesamum indicum, originating in India and Africa. There are two types of sesame seeds that black and white, the latter being the most used because it is less rare. Among the properties of sesame seeds stands out their high amount of calcium, so to be considered as one of the major sources of calcium. But they also contain: magnesium, protein, phosphorus, iron, and even zinc, selenium and manganese. They are also rich in oleic acids.

How to enjoy breadsticks with sesame

We’ve just seen that sesame seeds possess properties that make them really good in nutrition. In fact, Piavettini has made a version of his famous breadsticks with a nice sprinkling of sesame seeds. The Piavettini grissini are shorter and bigger than classic grissini, which makes them easier to carry on the bag. Snails with Piazzola sesame are tasty light and crunchy morsels available in even the most enjoyable meals. They can be consumed with each dish, they are perfect with raw ham and other salami or with fresh or seasoned cheeses, in short, you are really spoiled for choice.

All the advantages of online grissini sale: easy and fast shopping

appetizer con grissini

What are the benefits of buying online breadsticks?

Thanks to the internet today, you can buy a lot of products comfortably from your home in a few simple steps. Among the thousands of online shopping items there are also breadsticks. The latter can be purchased at several sites licensed for their sale. The advantages of buying online grinders are many, firstly you can do it comfortably from home, delivering the parcel in no time with a minimum shipping expense, via express courier.

Is it safe to buy breadsticks online, how does the shipment take place?

Buy online grissini is safe, but only trusted ecommerce providers are required to provide you with all the information you need to find them. This allows you to buy breadsticks safely without having to worry about losing your money. As for the shipment of the breadcrumbs, it is done through an express courier delivering them within a maximum of 48 hours from the order. The cost of shipment varies depending on the site you decide to buy breadsticks and is added to the cost of the breadsticks, so it is advisable to buy more than one product to amortize the cost.

Is the quality of online breadsticks the same as those purchased in the supermarket?

The quality of the products is always the same, both online and in the supermarket. In fact, you can choose the type of grissin to buy exactly as you would in a shop or a mall. By browsing the various categories you can choose the taste or a type of grissino in particular, such as the whole or in the varietal with wheat Khorasan Kamut. The overall quality of the product is always guaranteed by the manufacturer, of course it is advisable to buy handmade breadsticks that will surely be more tasty than the industrial ones.

Snack salad Italy: breadsticks and other snacks typically italian

grissini Piavettini

Italy: the country of salty snacks

The Italian culinary tradition is rich in salty snacks that are appreciated not only at the national level but also in the rest of the world. Typically Italian snacks have become almost a symbol of the regions where they are produced, for example, the Puglia or Neapolitan taralli and the Piedmontese grissini. These are traditional, healthy and tasty products that can be eaten alone or as an accompaniment to other dishes such as salami and cheese of various kinds.

Italian taralli

The taralli are characterized by the typical donut shape, they have crispy edges outside and friable internally and are available in many tastes and sizes. Taralli are traditionally produced in Puglia, Campania, Calabria, Basilicata and Sicily and for this reason they have been included in (P.A.T) traditional Italian agro-food products. However, the fame of this product is so great that by now the taralli are also produced at industrial level. In addition to classic varieties of olive oil, chili pepper, and fennel seeds, today it is possible to find them in other less conventional tastes such as pizza flavor.

Italian grissini

Similarly to taralli, also the breadcrumbs which are typical of northern Italy, have been very successful and, although they traditionally come from Piedmont, are now industrially manufactured by the largest domestic manufacturers. In this case too, a wide variety of breadsticks are available on the market, which differ in taste, but also in size, such as the innovative monoporation that is shorter and double than the classic long and thin grissini. Whether it is a taralli, breadsticks or other Italian snacks it is always good to choose handmade products made with high quality raw materials.

Production of grissini Veneto, and not just in Turin: the example of Piavettini

grissini al mondo

Grissini Veneti, the Piavettini

Everyone knows that the home of grissini is Turin, but these fantastic snacks are not only there, in fact Veneto also has a remarkable production of breadsticks. In particular, the company Piavettini, which has been in the bakery industry for nearly 10 years, has focused on the product of the same name, which has enjoyed tremendous success and also sees collaboration with large companies such as GRISSIN BON, COOP, SISA and CONAD. National level the “Piavettini”.

The characteristics of the “Piavettini”

The “Piavettini” differ from the classic Turin grissini because they are shorter and bigger. The raw materials used for this product are very high, 100% Italian origin and consist of extra virgin olive oil and high-grade wheat flour. One of the important features of the “Piavettini” is also the packaging, in fact these tasty bread biscuits are individually packaged freshly baked, thus always retaining their fragrance even when the main package is left open and the one-pack envelope makes them even easier Carry in your purse or backpack.

How to enjoy the “Piavettini”?

The “Piavettini” have all the flavor of the Venetian tradition, thanks to the use of handmade raw materials. Fragrant and tasty these breadsticks can be eaten on their own, as a snack, or are attended as an accompaniment for first and second courses. There is really no limit to the use of the “Piavettini” in the kitchen or as a snack, they are great with salami and cheeses, but also as cakes, combined with hazelnut or melted chocolate. With Piavettini, you’re always sure to eat a genuine and healthy product, made with the finest raw materials that will bite your palate, making you taste the true taste of bread once.

Production of hand-made breadsticks: because they are preferable to industrial products

productos de panadería

Why choose handmade breadsticks?

Crafted breadcrumbs are to be chosen for several reasons, first of all for the quality of the raw materials used for their production and for the benefits they can make on a nutritional basis. Handmade breadcrumbs are handled by experienced bakers who always guarantee a high quality product with controlled source materials. Now let’s find out more about the characteristics of handcrafted breadsticks.

What distinguishes handmade breadcrumbs from the industrial ones?

The fundamental differences between handicraft and industrial breadsticks relate to the use of excellent raw materials such as oil and wheat in handcrafted breadsticks, are controlled and assure the ultimate consumer of the high quality of the product. Even the very processing of raw materials and the processes of dough and baking give the artisan breadsticks more taste and fragrance. Another important thing is the lack of chemical preservatives, since hand-made breadsticks are produced without any preservatives. Also lack of palm oil allows handcrafted breadsticks to be a healthy food for the whole family.

Is the taste of handmade breadsticks also due to the ingredients used for production?

The taste of grissini is almost entirely due to the quality of the various ingredients, such as flour, oil, etc. On the market you can find many varieties of handmade breadsticks, from wholewheat to monoporzione. Usually hand-made breadcrumbs are made with typical products in the production area, such as Piedmontese breadcrumbs or Venetian breadcrumbs. Choosing a good grissino allows the consumer to eat a genuine, but especially tasty product suitable for a quick snack or to accompany an aperitif between friends in front of a nice glass of wine and a good ham.

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