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The fantastic pairing of crunchy breadsticks and wine

crunchy breadsticks

A sip and a bite

If you are a wine lover who often goes for wine tasting sessions, you will have noticed that bread is often served in between servings of different types of wine. Bread is served at wine tasting sessions for different reasons. It is not too spicy or overpowering in taste, and it keeps the palate fresh so that you can get the true taste of the wine that you are tasting. Indeed, it helps to clean out the palate which is why it is eaten before trying a different wine. Bread also works well because it can be served with accompaniments that are a good match with wine such as cheese.

Ideal shape and size

While either bread rolls or breadsticks can be served to sample wine with, breadsticks win because of their thin shape and small size. They are much easier to pick up and dip into dips of cream cheese, seasoned olive oil, thick tomato sauce and other dips. For wine tasting, breadsticks can be served with dips and perhaps cubes of cheese or fresh fruit which are also great for cleaning out the palate in between tasting different types of wine.

The freshest and tastiest breadsticks

Whether you will be opening them at a wine tasting, to serve as a starter to the main meal or as a snack at home, you can always pick up Piavettini breadsticks with the assurance that you will be getting the very best Italian breadsticks. For almost ten years, we have been serving up crunchy breadsticks that our customers have come to love. Serve them up during wine tasting sessions or when you have guests over who are enjoying wine with their meal. You will make and leave a great impression with Piavettini Italian breadsticks.

Individually wrapped breadsticks as a healthy light snack

individually wrapped breadsticks

Tasty and wholesome snacks

While the norm is three main meals a day, healthy snacks in between are recommended.  You can get great taste and wholesomeness in breadsticks. They are also just light enough to take the edge off an empty tummy. Another great thing about breadsticks is that they can be accompanied by different things. They can be eaten with a serving of healthy soup, with a vegan dip of hummus, thick tomato sauce, or seasoned olive oil.  Breadsticks or grissini can also be served with some cheese or cured meat.

Doing it the same old way

While there are different kinds of breadsticks, there’s only one brand that does them just the way they were first done in Piedmont, Italy. That brand is Piavettini. For almost ten years, we have been serving up breadsticks that could have come from the previous century. We make ours just a little bit thicker and shorter and we spare nothing in our quest to always serve up perfect grissini. We make ours with dough made with wheat flour that is milled by hand and nothing but 100%, first-grade extra virgin olive oil.

Always tasty, always fresh

After making them the traditional way, we ensure you get the grissini just as fresh as it was when it was packed. We don’t use any artificial preservatives. Rather, we pack individually wrapped breadsticks so that the freshness of each one is preserved. Piavettini also does individually wrapped breadsticks so that if you do not use a whole packet after opening it, the rest of it will remain fresh.  In our quest to serve you nothing but the best, we partner with a number of distributors to ensure you get your Italian breadsticks are soon as they are ready to go. Choose Piavettini and you choose the best Italian breadsticks.

Which ingredients do traditional Italian breadsticks contain?

Italian breadsticks

When in Italy, eat as the Italians do

Italians don’t do anything in halves, especially not when it comes to meals which are a hearty affair full of bustle, a table full of friends and family and some delectable meals made with fresh ingredients. This is typically followed by a siesta. Italian cuisine consists of Mediterranean meals where fish from the sea, seafood, white meat, fresh vegetables, olives and the all-famous olive oil are the mainstay. It is also typical for Italian dishes to be served in courses with a starter, a main meal, and dessert.

Classic starter

Different items can be served as starters to get the appetite. However, there is one that is very popular indeed, and it is traditional Italian breadsticks. Both in homes and Italian restaurants, these are often served as a starter, usually with a serving of soup. They can also be served as part of an antipasto platter. Italian breadsticks or grissini are thin and crisp. They are made of dry yeast, water, sugar, flour, salt and olive oil. The sticks can be glazed with egg yolk and they can be left plain or finished with a variety of toppings including sesame seeds, rosemary, poppy seeds or coarse salt.

Traditional Italian breadsticks from Piavettini

At Piavettini, we value tradition greatly. We honour it by preparing grissini just as it was done so many decades ago. We use fine, hand-milled flour, the purest extra virgin oil and other locally sourced ingredients. We also observe tradition in the way we make our breadsticks. We leave the prepared dough to rise undisturbed for 24 hours. This is how we get that golden colour, light consistency with a crunch or top and an aroma that will indeed get appetites going. Join those who have discovered the wholesomeness and taste of the best Italian grissini. Open a pack of Piavettini breadsticks today.

Main features and properties of kamut grissini made with biological grain

Kamut Grissini

One bite of Piavettini  Kamut sticks and you are taken back in time

Italian cuisine is typically served in courses and a classic starter is a bread and soup starter. The bread can be buns, dinner rolls or the fancier breadsticks. There are different kinds of them including Kamut bread sticks. At Piavettini, we make Kamut sticks exclusively from Khorasan Kamut biological grain. This is the same ancient, noble grain that was used to make them so long ago. This is why our Kamut bread sticks will take you back in time.

Organically grown and non-OGM Khorasan Kamut grain

At Piavettini, we insist on using this grain not only because of its great taste and fragrance but also because of its nutritional value. It is high in minerals, particularly selenium, and it has a very high protein content. It is a perfect alternative to wheat for those who have wheat allergy or intolerance.

At Piavettini, the bread sticks are baked after a process of leaving the dough to rise slowly. High-quality extra virgin oil is used to give Kamut grissini their lovely color, their inimitable taste, and sweet vanilla scent.  The unique taste makes the breadsticks ideal for serving with both sweet and salty accompaniments like soups, sweet fruit jams and different types of cheese.

Finished to perfection

After the process of leaving the yeast to rise slowly, Piavettini Kamut sticks are baked to perfection. They come out golden yellow, with the lovely scent of bread crust and a sweet taste brought out by the extra virgin olive oil. Their texture is light and crumbly and they are rounded at the edges. If your family is tired of bread rolls or buns, switch things up with Kamut grissini from Piavettini. Their senses, as well as their taste buds, will be pleasantly surprised. They are likely to expect them more and more the table. You can count on Piavettini for a pack of perfectly done Kamut sticks every time.

The main kinds of breadsticks, Italian food snacks

Italian food snacks

The most common Italian snacks

Italians meals are typically an affair full of the hustle and bustle of family and friends gathered around the table. It is also typically a meal served in courses. At the very least, there are two courses; an appetizer and the main meal. Snacks are often served in between. Some of the most common Italian food snacks are pizza, sandwiches made with cured meat, cream-filled doughnuts. Then there are Italian breadsticks or grissini.

The different types of Italian breadsticks

These are also very common on Italian tables. They are served in different ways. As appetizers, they are often served with savory toppings such as garlic sauces and parmesan cheese or dips like olive oil with seasoning. When served as dessert, they will have sweet toppings like cinnamon sugar or a layer of icing. They may also be served as an hors d’oeuvre with prosciutto or ham. Breadsticks are made with a basic dough of flour, yeast, water and salt. However, they can be made differently by topping them with seeds such as sesame seeds or with a herb like rosemary. Breadsticks can also be quite long or of standard length and they can be very thin or a bit thicker.

Italian food snacks that stand out from the rest

However, what matters above all is the quality of ingredients used and how the dough is prepared before the bread snacks go into the oven. No other Italian bread company produces them the way Piavettini does. Firstly, we use only carefully selected local products including flour which is hand-milled and the purest quality of extra virgin olive oil. We also uphold the highest standards in preparing the dough. When it is ready, it undergoes a long leavening process where it is left to rise undisturbed for 24 hours. When it does go into the fire, the result is bread snacks with a golden, crunchy outer layer and sweet, melt-in-the-mouth consistency inside.

Grissini sticks from Italy that beat the rest

Italian grissini sticks on blog

Not just tasty but also beautifully designed

Food is not just about putting food on a table but also presenting it so that it whets the appetite. Bread is a common appetizer but it loses appeal if it served time and time again. Grissini or bread sticks are a great way to do things differently.
Italy is known for is hearty dishes that often culminate in a siesta. The other thing about Italian dishes is the way food is presented on the table. Even simple, rustic dishes are served with aplomb. One of the ways to create a different and divine presentation on the table is with Italian grissini sticks.

Set a stylish table

Italian grissini sticks or breadsticks are originated from the area of Turin and surrounding areas from where they became a mainstay across the country. Breadsticks are made using the basic ingredients of flour, salt, and water but they can be presented in a dazzling way. In restaurants, they are commonly served in the bread basket with buns and dinner rolls along with a bowl of soup. They can also be served with tossed salads or spaghetti. In wine tasting sessions, they are offered in between to cleanse the palate and they can be served with Prosciutto to make a classical starter.

Best of Italy with Italian grissini sticks

Whichever way you intend to serve Italian breadsticks, the bottom line is that they are of good quality. Good quality is the guiding principle and mission of Piavettini, an Italian bread company that has been serving up breadsticks and other shapes and types of bread for almost 10 years.
Freshness and great taste are promises that we keep with every pack of Piavettini breadsticks. We use only the best ingredients like manually milled flour and very high-quality extra virgin olive oil. These and perfect baking result in the packs of grissini that are so popular. Open a pack today and get the appetite of those seated at your table going. You can also serve the breadsticks as a snack with cheese or a hummus dip.