How to organize a perfect aperitif, and which grissini to choose?

To arrange a perfect aperitif you will need some little tricks, such as choosing the right breadsticks and the other ingredients to make the aperitif unique. Regarding the choice of grissini you will first have to know about any allergies or intolerances of the guests so as to avoid unpleasant situations. By doing this you will be able to get ready to buy the breadsticks. It is advisable to purchase breadsticks of various kinds, so that the choice of guests varies. Let’s see how to use these snacks to prepare an apple with flakes.

What are the other ingredients that can be combined with breadsticks?

In addition to breadsticks to prepare a good aperitif, you must also buy other foods such as soft drinks, chips, and some sandwiches that will be stuffed shortly before the guests arrive, so that they do not get too dry. The breadsticks can be placed alongside a nice plate of raw ham or served with some special sauces, such as Cocktail or Spicy Sauce. So surely the aperitif will leave all guests with their mouth open.

How to serve breadsticks during aperitifs?

The breadcrumbs can be served on a tray or if you decide to buy one-on-one grinders, just leave them on the table inside a small wicker basket, so the guests can choose the grissini according to their taste, then enjoy it Alone or accompanied by a slice of raw ham or some type of sauce. As for the layout of other foods, such as chips, just place them on a tray with underneath decorative paper or simply colored napkins that will absorb part of the oil that is usually present on chips or other snacks.