Grissini Veneti, the Piavettini

Everyone knows that the home of grissini is Turin, but these fantastic snacks are not only there, in fact Veneto also has a remarkable production of breadsticks. In particular, the company Piavettini, which has been in the bakery industry for nearly 10 years, has focused on the product of the same name, which has enjoyed tremendous success and also sees collaboration with large companies such as GRISSIN BON, COOP, SISA and CONAD. National level the “Piavettini”.

The characteristics of the “Piavettini”

The “Piavettini” differ from the classic Turin grissini because they are shorter and bigger. The raw materials used for this product are very high, 100% Italian origin and consist of extra virgin olive oil and high-grade wheat flour. One of the important features of the “Piavettini” is also the packaging, in fact these tasty bread biscuits are individually packaged freshly baked, thus always retaining their fragrance even when the main package is left open and the one-pack envelope makes them even easier Carry in your purse or backpack.

How to enjoy the “Piavettini”?

The “Piavettini” have all the flavor of the Venetian tradition, thanks to the use of handmade raw materials. Fragrant and tasty these breadsticks can be eaten on their own, as a snack, or are attended as an accompaniment for first and second courses. There is really no limit to the use of the “Piavettini” in the kitchen or as a snack, they are great with salami and cheeses, but also as cakes, combined with hazelnut or melted chocolate. With Piavettini, you’re always sure to eat a genuine and healthy product, made with the finest raw materials that will bite your palate, making you taste the true taste of bread once.