Why choose handmade breadsticks?

Crafted breadcrumbs are to be chosen for several reasons, first of all for the quality of the raw materials used for their production and for the benefits they can make on a nutritional basis. Handmade breadcrumbs are handled by experienced bakers who always guarantee a high quality product with controlled source materials. Now let’s find out more about the characteristics of handcrafted breadsticks.

What distinguishes handmade breadcrumbs from the industrial ones?

The fundamental differences between handicraft and industrial breadsticks relate to the use of excellent raw materials such as oil and wheat in handcrafted breadsticks, are controlled and assure the ultimate consumer of the high quality of the product. Even the very processing of raw materials and the processes of dough and baking give the artisan breadsticks more taste and fragrance. Another important thing is the lack of chemical preservatives, since hand-made breadsticks are produced without any preservatives. Also lack of palm oil allows handcrafted breadsticks to be a healthy food for the whole family.

Is the taste of handmade breadsticks also due to the ingredients used for production?

The taste of grissini is almost entirely due to the quality of the various ingredients, such as flour, oil, etc. On the market you can find many varieties of handmade breadsticks, from wholewheat to monoporzione. Usually hand-made breadcrumbs are made with typical products in the production area, such as Piedmontese breadcrumbs or Venetian breadcrumbs. Choosing a good grissino allows the consumer to eat a genuine, but especially tasty product suitable for a quick snack or to accompany an aperitif between friends in front of a nice glass of wine and a good ham.