Sesame Breadsticks

Sesame breadcrumbs are very tasty snacks that can be consumed at any time of the day, accompanied by cold meats and high edges. But how come sesame seeds are used a lot on bakery products and also on other foods? Simple, sesame seeds are an excellent source of nutrients, but they are also used because in this way the food is more tasty. Below we will go to see what are the properties of sesame seeds.

The properties of sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are harvested from sesame a herbaceous plant whose scientific name is Sesamum indicum, originating in India and Africa. There are two types of sesame seeds that black and white, the latter being the most used because it is less rare. Among the properties of sesame seeds stands out their high amount of calcium, so to be considered as one of the major sources of calcium. But they also contain: magnesium, protein, phosphorus, iron, and even zinc, selenium and manganese. They are also rich in oleic acids.

How to enjoy breadsticks with sesame

We’ve just seen that sesame seeds possess properties that make them really good in nutrition. In fact, Piavettini has made a version of his famous breadsticks with a nice sprinkling of sesame seeds. The Piavettini grissini are shorter and bigger than classic grissini, which makes them easier to carry on the bag. Snails with Piazzola sesame are tasty light and crunchy morsels available in even the most enjoyable meals. They can be consumed with each dish, they are perfect with raw ham and other salami or with fresh or seasoned cheeses, in short, you are really spoiled for choice.